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“My patients absolutely love Dr. Pio.   I have many patients who have had chronic neck and back pain who had tried many other forms of treatment and got the best result with Dr. Pio.  I am particularly impressed with the results of ART.  Dr. Pio is very honest and ethical and knows her limitations as well as those of her techniques.”  


Jeffrey J. Kovacic, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon


“Working closely with my patients to correct the underlying problem and prevent future episodes is the ultimate goal.  For most injuries, I expect 85% improvement within 4 visits.”


Dr. Colleen Pio

Our entire family has visited Dr. Colleen and everyone has come away from their visit simply amazed at the results she achieved.

The Hendee Family

Patients for life


                              Athletic Injuries of Atlanta is a rehabilitation facility with two convenient locations in Duluth and Alpharetta. AIA is owned and operated by Dr. Colleen Pio who has specialized in sports injury treatment for 15 years. Her treatment program is a unique mixture of active release technique (ART) and in-house rehabilitation coupled with targeted stretches and stabilizer strengthening.  Dr. Pio works closely with the patient to reduce symptoms as well as re-program the muscles and joints to prevent further injury.